Saturday, June 09, 2012

Will you still love me tomorrow? – Claudia Carroll

I couldn’t miss reading this, even if only for the title.

I couldn’t quite get where the male character was coming from, nor did I find the descriptions of the cocaine-addict best friend’s behaviour entirely believable (which doesn’t mean it’s not accurate, real live doesn’t have to be believable). Other than those minor quibbles, I really enjoyed this book. It’s a marriage-in-trouble story, but it works better than some of the other such books I’ve read, I think because the main character actually has other big things in her life other than fretting about the state of her marriage (she’s an actress working on broadway).

I suppose the big thing on which this kind of story stands and falls is whether the final resolution is believable. It’s always an issue I suppose in this type of book – how can the author conjure up and convey a marriage that’s so dysfunctional it’s obviously in trouble, and yet somehow rescue it at the end of the book (oops, spoilers …) There’s no magic moment in this book at which the characters suddenly decide they loved one another all along. Rather the realization comes bit by bit and in a quite credible way.

Although of course there was the sting in the tail that in real like I know they’d be in even more trouble a few months down the line, since at the end she finds herself pregnant … I wonder why that’s put in, perhaps because of some ridiculously naïve idea that having a child is the seal that makes a marriage permanent. Just don’t go there …


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