Friday, June 17, 2011

In the meanwhile ...

Read another book this week, Cecelia Ahern's "Where Rainbows End". Review pending (I haven't written it yet), but in the meanwhile, Can I recommend Vicky Beeching's Blog. She's a Christian musician, worship leader, and theological deep thinker (these things are relative). And keeps a very good blog.

And yes, the link is partly inspired by the giveaway she's running (looks very tasty I must say). But well worth a read anyway.

In other news ... dad and I finished re-editing Home again a little while ago now - we'll have to see where it goes next :) And I'm now working on doing a second draft of Teacher, which I "wrote" the year after Home, with the target of revising a chapter a day to try to get it to a standard where I'm prepared for someone else to read it (which is still a million miles behind where Home is now). Today is day 3 and I've done the first six chapters, so it's going well so far - although needless to say the next chapter needs a bit more work than some.